2013 Pet Hero Award Winner - The Cesar Millan Foundation

Outstanding Foundation


The Cesar Millan Foundation has a priority. That priority is to create a lifelong healthy relationship between people and dogs. There are many roads they are taking to clear the path for this ultimate goal to be realized.


Cesar Millan, the founder of the Cesar Millan Foundation, desired to create and deliver community humane education programs and promote animal welfare by supporting the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of abused and abandoned dogs. This is being achieved daily through the dedication of those who share this same desire.


There are three major programs implemented by the Cesar Millan Foundation that are having an enormous positive impact on the lives of animals in shelters.   Their “Shelter Stars” program truly does create shining stars of shelter animals by educating their adopters on the skills needed to make their adoptive pets good canine citizens and life-long companions. Spay and neuter programs are highlighted in their “Spay and Neuter is Nothing to Whisper About” efforts which utilize the celebrity status of the “Dog Whisperer” himself through print and television campaigns. Working with the North Shore Animal League and Yale University’s “School of the 21st Century”, the Cesar Millan Foundation has developed a “Mutt-i-grees Curriculum” aimed at educating our youth with a four phase project beginning with pre-school and primary school age children.  The foundation recognizes the importance of educating the public and our children about the fact that the majority of shelter dogs are adorable mixed breeds who deserve a loving and safe home.  Students will learn essential skills such as caring for others, showing empathy and respect, building relationships and acting ethically and responsibly and how those apply in their interactions with peers, adults and animals.


Additionally, through the philanthropic work of the Cesar Millan Foundation, “Daddy’s fund” was established to assist animals in need after disasters, puppymill raids, or traumatic abuse events. “Daddy” was Cesar’s beloved pitbull who served as an inspiration to many for his kind manner and gentle ways.


The Pet Philanthropy Circle is delighted to present the Cesar Millan Foundation with our  Pet Hero Outstanding Foundation Award.




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