2015 Pet Hero Award Winner - The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals

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The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals has faced enormous challenges.  The vision was to transform the largest city in the United States into an urban environment where no dog or cat of reasonable health or temperament would be killed simply because they did not have a home.


As with any 501c3, funding was a serious issue. Though the name might imply that this effort has been financed by the city or by Bloomberg the NYC Mayor in office during their inception in 2003, the alliance is a privately funded organization that actually gives money to the city.


With the guidance of Jane Hoffman, the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals has been progressing steadily. Taking the shelter’s Live Release Rate from roughly 20%  of the animals admitted in 2003 to more than 80% in 2014 is a statistical triumph.  To date, this organization, with the cooperation of over 150 partner rescue groups and shelters in the NYC and tri-state area,  has saved over 250,000 animals.


Currently, the organization is focusing on three key initiatives; the Wheels of Hope transport program, the NYC Feral Cat Initiative, and the Adoption Events program.  The Alliance has provided training and support services to more than 2,500 certified feral cat caretakers.  The Alliance’s adoption van brings dogs and cats for adoption “to the people” in neighborhoods throughout New York City.  Their six Wheels of Hope vans have transported more than 85,0

00 dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals from Animal Care and Control of NYC facilities to rescue groups and animal shelters with the resources to find them new homes.


Their Helping Pets and People in Crisis Program is unique.  During times of crisis they provide assistance to people fleeing domestic violence, seniors requiring medical care, and to families facing eviction or other temporary setbacks. They also provide interim care with the hope of reunification.


The Pet Philanthropy Circle is pleased to honor the Mayor’s Alliance of NYC with the 2015 Outstanding Rescue Organization Pet Hero Award.






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