2014 Pet Hero Award Winner - “Maddy” Madelyn Grace,
owner Angela Fletcher

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Angela Fletcher and her canine partner “Maddy” are saving lives.  They are members of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, the Mid-South Search and Rescue Association, and the North American Police Working Dog Association.  Their achievements include the following certifications. Tracking wilderness and urban, certified trailing wilderness and urban, certified FEMA National Incident Management, certified Land Navigation, and Mantracking.


Additionally, they volunteer with Rhodes College through their community service by teaching youth about care and compassion for animals.  They are also involved in pet therapy through the inner city for children that have experienced traumatic events.


Angela adopted Maddy through a national rescue, American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue, after becoming smitten with her photo.  When Maddy came into the rescue she was severely malnourished, in kidney failure, and frail.  Through love and lots of great food, Angela was able to bring her to life.  One week after acquiring Maddy, they began training for SAR. (Search and Rescue).  Angela has trained Maddy herself and the two together are an incredible team.  When not training or on missions, they enjoy sharing ice chips on the couch.




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Photo by Dan Wireman,
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