Pet Hero Awards


By showcasing these outstanding contributions, we hope to inspire everyone to become involved in defending the rights of animals. Pet Hero Awards promote public awareness of the causes that protect our animals. The Pet Hero Awards celebrate individuals, associations, professionals, pets and business organizations that demonstrate a commitment to improving and protecting animal lives. Our belief is by recognizing role models, others will aspire to excellence, as well. Our Advisory Board Members are solely responsible nominating  potential Pet Hero Award candidates. It is essential that this group be totally committed to our cause and willing to invest the time and/or financial commitment necessary to keep our awards program standards of excellence intact. Past Events...



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Meet 2018 Pet Hero Award Winners

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Katie Cleary

Animal Welfare Spokesperson of the Year 
Katie Clearly's Tribute


Petco Foundation

Foundation of the Year
Petco Foundation Tribute




Animal Welfare Education
Heart Tribute


Naomi Judd

Humanitarian of the Year
Naomi Judd's Tribute



American Humane

Outstanding Animal Welfare Organization

American Humane Tribute


Alison Eastwood

Animal Advocate of the Year
Alison Eastwood's Tribute

Matthew Talbot

Outstanding Junior of the Year
Mathew Talbot's Tribute



Jamie’s Rescue

Outstanding Foundation Pet Hero Award
Jamie's Rescue Tribute


Amazing Grace

Outstanding Pet  
Amazing Grace's Tribute



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Meet the 2015 Pet Hero Award Winners

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Dr. Neal Barnard

Lifetime Achievement Award

Founder the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Dr. Neal Barnard's Tribute



Kristy Hinze Clark

Humanitarian of the Year
Super Model and Animal Advocate

Kristy Hinze Clark's Tribute


Candy Udell

Animal Advocate of the Year
Candy Udell's Tribute

Animal Cancer Foundation

Animal Health Award 
Animal Cancer Foundation's Tribute


Last Chance Animal Rescue, St. Francis Farm

Outstanding Sanctuary  
St. Francis Farm Tribute



Dr. Marty Goldstein

Outstanding Veterinarian of the Year
Dr. Marty Goldstein's Tribute


The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals

Outstanding Rescue Organization
The Mayor's Alliance for
NYC's Animals Tribute



Found Animals Foundation

Outstanding Foundation Pet Hero Award
Found Animals Foundation's Tribute



Outstanding Pet  
Read Brock's Tribute



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2014 Pet Hero Award Winners

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Prince Lorenzo Borghese

Humanitarian of the Year

Celebrity, President of Royal Treatment and owner Royal Pet Club
Prince Lorenzo's Tribute



Andy Sabin

Outstanding Pet Philanthropist - Conservationist and Philanthropist
Andy Sabin's Tribute


Dr. David T. Crouch, DVM

Outstanding Veterinarian
David T. Crouch's Tribute



Angel On A Leash,
David Frei

Special Achievement Award
Read David Frei's Tribute

Friends of Finn, Amanda Hearst and Georgina Bloomberg

Outstanding Rescue Committee

Founder and Chair of Friends of Finn and Market editor at Marie Claire

Friends of Finn Tribute
with Amanda and Georgina


Jean Shafiroff

Outstanding Volunteer
Jean Shafiroff's Tribute



“Maddy” Madelyn Grace with Angela Fletcher

Amazing Pet of the Year 
Maddie and Angela's Tribute



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2013 Pet Hero Award Winners

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Lou Wegner

Junior Ambassador Award

Actor, Founder of Kids Against
Animal Cruelty

Lou's Tribute



The Cesar Millan Foundation

Outstanding Foundation

Ceasar Millan Foundation's Tribute




Outstanding Corporation

Subaru Tribute



Jerome and Riki Shaw

Outstanding Philanthropist

Jerome and Riki Shaw's Tribute



Christie Brinkley

Humanitarian of the Year

Actress & Supermodel

Christie Brinkley's Tribute



Main Line
Animal Rescue

Outstanding Rescue Organization

Main Line Animal Rescue's Tribute




Animal Welfare Education

ASPCA's Tribute



Teresa Meekins, DVM

Outstanding Veterinarian

Teresa Meekins's Tribute


Guardians of Rescue

Outstanding Volunteers

Guardians of Rescue Tribute



Animal Rescue Fund
of the Hamptons

Shelter of the Year

Animal Rescue Fund
of the Hamptons's Tribute



An Act of Dog

Animal Welfare Arts

Act of Dog's Tribute



Jane Hoffman

Outstanding Director

Jane Hoffman's Tribute




Outstanding Dog

Frenchie's Tribute


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2012 Pet Hero Award Winners

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Pilots N Paws
Debi Boies

Rescue Organization of the Year

Pilots N Paws Tribute



Sharon Levine
and Richard Rubin,

Baiting Hollow
Farm Vineyard
and Horse Rescue

Political Action Award

Sharon Levine
and Richard Rubin's Tribute



Jill Rappaport

Pet Humanitarian of the Year

Jill Rappaport's Tribute



Sony Schotland,
Co-Founder of ARF
of the Hamptons and Southampton Animal Shelter

Founder's Award of the Year

Sony Schotland's Tribute



and Dr. Cynthia Otto

Amazing Pet Award

Dolce's Full Tribute

Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation

Shelter of the Year

Southampton Animal Shelter Foundationn's Tribute


Dr. Joseph C.
Ramaekers, D.V.M.

Veterinarian of the Year

Dr. Josephs C. Ramaekers' Tribute



Zoe Kamitses
Arf of the Hamptons Volunteer

Volunteer of the Year

Zoe Kamitses's Tribute



The Irwin Family; Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin

Inaugural Humanitarian Family of the Year


The Irwin Family; Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin, are passionately dedicated to conservation and continuing Steve Irwin’s legacy as Wildlife Warriors.  Through funding, education, research, and hard work, the Irwin family is protecting wildlife and habitats around the world for generations to come.  As Global Ambassadors for Discovery Communications and through a series of projects for Animal Planet, including a new show the Irwin family is educating the public on important environmental and animal welfare issues...




The Irwin Family's Tribute



American Veterinary Medical Association

Animal Health Organization of the Year


The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is the nation’s leading advocate for the veterinary profession, caring for more than 70 million dogs, 80 million cats, 11 million birds, 7 million pet horses, and millions of other companion animals.  The mission of the association is to lead the profession by advancing the science and practice of veterinary medicine to improve animal and human health.  With more than ​91,000 members, they protect, promote and advance the health and well-being of humans, animals, and the environment...



American Veterianary Medical Association

Soi Dog - John Dalley

Rescue Organization of the Year


Soi Dog Foundation is the largest dog and cat welfare organization in southeast Asia. They have rescued and treated tens of thousands of street animals and have performed over 212,000 sterilizations. Soi Dog is also a leader in the fight against the dog meat trade, having virtually wiped out the industry in Thailand.


Soi Dog Foundation was established in 2003 in Phuket, Thailand, to provide a humane and sustainable solution to managing the stray dog and cat population and to address their...

Soi Dog's Tribute




Corporation of the Year


Zoetis is the leading global animal health company.  Building on more than 60 years of experience in animal health, Zoetis discovers, develops, manufactures and markets veterinary vaccines and medicines, complemented by diagnostic products, genetic tests, biodevices and a range of services. Zoetis serves veterinarians, livestock producers and people who raise and care for farm and companion animals with sales of its products in more than 100 countries. Zoetis has made the Forbes Best Mid-size Employers in America for three consecutive years and has been recognized by Working Mother magazine as one of the 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers for four...

Zoetis's Tribute



Fido Fixers - Lisa Wysocki

Outstanding Spay and Neuter Organization


Fido Fixers, founded by Lisa Wysocki, Suzanne Steinberg and Susan Maounis, is an all-volunteer organization, that provides low cost spay and neuter services for dogs and cats in underserved and economically distressed areas in the United States.

Fido Fixers has five surgical mobile veterinary clinics that provide vital spay and neuter services. To date, they have performed over 37,000 surgeries, dramatically reducing animal overpopulation in communities with high euthanasia rates.

Fido Fixers' Tribute



South Fork Natural History Museum and Nature Center

Outstanding Animal Welfare Museum


The mission of the South Fork Natural History Museum and Nature Center (SoFo) is to stimulate interest in, advance knowledge of, and foster appreciation for the natural environment with special emphasis on the unique natural history of Long Island’s South Fork.

As a family-friendly natural history museum of exploration and discovery for children and adults of all ages, SoFo is highly regarded for its outstanding nature exhibits, its beautiful setting adjacent to the Vineyard Field Preserve and the six-mile trail system of the Long Pond...

The South Fork Natural History Museum and Nature Center's Tribute



No Dogs Left Behind -  Jeffrey Beri

Outstanding International Rescue

No Dogs Left Behind (NDLB), founded by Jeffrey Beri, is a global animal rescue organization saving thousands of dogs from a horrific life and ultimate slaughter at the hands of China’s dog meat trade. NDLB supports every stage of rescue from emergency response to final adoption via local resources and international alliances. Their work to benefit animals also includes educational and governmental advocacy.

Under Beri’s leadership, NDLB conducted a rescue mission in China, successfully treating, rehabilitating and transporting 121 dogs from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival with significant...

No Dog Left Behind's Tribute



Storm - Mark T. Freeley

Outstanding Pet of the Year


Storm belongs to the North Shore Injury Lawyer, Mark T. Freeley, Esq.  This Golden Retriever is the perfect example of selfless rescue. His bravery garnered national media attention when he jumped into the Long Island Sound to save a drowning fawn. This dramatic moment went viral with the video receiving 9 million views.


Storm is not the only rescuer in the family, Mark is a pro bono attorney for Last Chance Animal Rescue. His daughter join...

Storm's Tribute


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Meet the 2016 Pet Hero Award Winners

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