2012 Pet Hero Award Winner - Dr. Joseph C. Ramaekers, D.V.M.

Veterinarian of the Year


Dr. Ramaekers’s contributions to animal health make him the perfect choice for “Veterinarian of the Year”.  Well respected and widely renowned, Dr. Ramaekers has traveled extensively worldwide where he has served as an international consultant on animal nutrition. From the onset of the opening of his veterinary practice in Santa Cruz, California, Dr. Ramaekers has had a great interest in the nutritional approach to animal health. He began his research in 1969, performing extensive environmental analyses of soil and water. In addition to traditional diagnostic methods, his thorough approach includes hair analyses, blood chemistries and nutrient analyses. By identifying nutritional deficiencies and toxicities he turns to nature to find cures. He is a firm believer that every ailment can be treated with natural remedies; it is up to humans to find those natural cures.


By focusing on preventative medicine, he discovered many nutrients with powerful medicinal value.  Dr. Ramaekers is passionate about improving animal welfare and preventing diseases before they occur. His 40 years of global research and clinical experience help him successfully develop many remedies that are now being used by other knowledgeable and dedicated veterinarians.


He currently holds numerous patents in the United States and Internationally. Included in his list of medical successes are methods for treating Cushings syndrome, Cushings disease, benign tumors, onchoceriasis, hypothyroidism, and equine protozoal myelitis. Never resting when it comes to animal health, he now has pending patents for fertility, a method of treating inflammation and ulcers, treating flea bite dermatitis, feline leukemia, and chronic dust allergen cough, to list a few of the health challenges he has conquered.


There are many veterinarians that deserve recognition.  Gratefully, many of them are going beyond traditional medicine and are now prescribing nutritional remedies, as well.  Dr. Ramaekers goes many steps beyond the norm, if a remedy isn’t currently available, he researches the cause and finds the cure.  He never stops. Research documents his success.  80% of benign tumors and over 60% of cancerous ones have been successfully treated with nutritional supplements he has developed.  The results have been so acclaimed; they are now being used to treat humans.


Dr. Ramaekers completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Nebraska and was awarded a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Missouri in 1969. Dr. Ramaekers has been an active small and large animal veterinarian and nutritionist for nearly 43 years and continues to discover remedies that save and enhance the quality of animal and human lives.


We congratulate Dr. Ramaekers and share his passion for saving animals and alleviating the pain of all those who suffer. Keep up the good research!





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