2014 Pet Hero Award Winner - Best Friends Animal Society

Animal Welfare Organization of the Year





















Best Friends are always there for you.  This holds true for the nation’s largest no-kill animal sanctuary, Best Friends Animal Society.


Founded 30 years ago by a group of friends whose desire was to make the world a kinder place with no more lives lost in shelters, they currently house over 1700 homeless dogs, cats, birds, horses, pigs, goats and bunnies. Best Friends is their caretaker, their protector and their provider.  When Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the first responders to arrive for the animals in need were Best Friends.  They were also the last to leave making sure that all were found and none were left behind.


When Michael Vick was arrested for fighting dogs, Best Friends did not hesitate to step in and rehabilitate 22 dogs that most assuredly would have been euthanized. Many of those dogs have now been placed in adoptive and loving homes, never to experience fear or cruelty again.

 Community outreach is an integral part of this organization. They have a free program to help smaller animal groups adopt out more animals, receive grants for spay/neuter in their local areas, help them raise funds to rescue more animals, and learn from experts and other groups like them around the country about how to make their communities no-kill.  There are now approximately 1,000 groups in the No More Homeless Pets Network.  Additionally, Best Friends is leading the no-kill effort with coalitions in Los Angeles and in their home state of Utah.  In two years, the number of healthy or treatable dogs and cats killed in Los Angeles city shelters has been cut nearly in half! In Salt Lake City, the Pit Crew Program has a 91% save rate for pit bull type dogs.  These efforts provide models for other cities around the country.


 30 Years of saving, healing, educating, providing and being a “best friend” to animals in need.  The Pet Philanthropy Circle is privileged to honor Best Friends Animal Society with the Outstanding Animal Welfare Organization of 2014 award!






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