2014 Pet Hero Award Winner -  Pet Haven Rescue, Carole Chapuis

Outstanding Shelter


















When Carole Chapuis started rescuing dogs over twenty years ago, little did she dream that her talent with animals would create the criterion reference for pet shelters across the country.  Recently featured on NBC nightly news, Pet Haven has deservedly attracted national attention.  Pet Haven’s concept of animal shelter is considered unthinkable to most rescue organizations.


 Those of us that would never purchase chicken eggs unless they are “Cage Free” have not seriously considered an alternative to the cages used to house animals held in shelters.    Driving through the gates of Pet Haven feels like driving into a world class spa.  The lawns are groomed, just are the pets that reside in dormitories.  Pets sleep on cots and socialize with other dogs creating their own pack.  Dogs of a kind are placed together in separate sections.


Much of Pet Haven’s success is directly related to Carole’s ability to understand animals.  Many shelters send their lost causes and animals deemed unadoptable to Pet Haven.  Many of these have “cage rage” because they have been confined in cages for so long.  Virtually all of these pets have been saved and adopted after being rehabilitated in Pet Haven.


Even though many organizations feel they can’t achieve the status of being cage free, Carole is convinced they can and is ready, willing and able to train other shelters how to become cage free.


The Pet Philanthropy Circle commends Pet Haven’s astonishing success and is supporting her initiative and fundraising efforts.  We share the dream of making every shelter in America “Cage Free”.





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