2013 Pet Hero Award Winner - Lou Wegner, Actor,
Founder of Kids Against Animal Cruelty

Junior Ambassador


We often hear the words “the youth are our future”. Lou Wegner is showing us that

our future is bright!


Lou is an accomplished teen actor, having been in Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans, Clint Eastwood’s Trouble With the Curve, Modern Family and many well-known films and TV productions.  Particularly poignant to Lou is his work with director JW Myers in the family

film “A Christmas Tree Miracle”. Though this is truly admirable for a person so young, his

greatest achievement is by far his work with abandoned and endangered animals. He has

a profound connection with them.  Lou not only sees the animals, he “hears” them and he

listens.  His response to their calls is taking him on a journey that enriches not only his life,

but the lives of countless others.


As early as age 3, Lou could be found surrounded by the numerous rescue animals who shared his young life.  At age fourteen,

he learned about the high rates of euthanasia in shelters that were overflowing with unwanted pets when he volunteered at

a shelter in Los Angeles.  It was astonishing to him and he recognized that he was in a position to create a platform to speak out

and rally our youth across the nation and around the world.  From his inspiration, “Kids Against Animal Cruelty, “KAAC”, was started in 2010.


It has grown from a single voice to over 50,000 members participating in “KAAC” including 15 chapters across the nation that are solely run by teens. Members are active in animal issues including banning pet store puppy mill sales, eliminating the use of gas chambers at shelters, saving wild Mustangs, and preserving America’s western frontier.  Lou and his non-profit organization are also lobbying to educate his generation on responsible pet ownership. “KAAC “is one of the country’s fastest growing animal rights groups thanks to many notable supporters too numerous to mention.


When not busy acting, Lou works tirelessly finding homes for shelter animals, going to school, writing music, playing sports, appearing at charity events, and promoting corporate sponsors. Lou calls Columbus, Ohio home though he is also a part time

resident of Burbank, California.  He shares his homes with his eight rescue dogs and his parents.  It is easy to see where Lou

inherited his passion and determination.  His Dad served the US government as a top gun fighter pilot, his Mom is a fellow animal activist and Lou’s the namesake of “Uncle Lou”, a decorated WWII B-17 pilot.  In his “spare” time, Lou is an accomplished Black

Belt, an equestrian, a swordsman, a martial arts enthusiast, and a longboarder.   As he motivates fellow teens and adults to stand

up for change, he is a role model and inspiration to those around him.


The Pet Philanthropy Circle has certainly been inspired by Lou Wegner and we are pleased to acknowledge his work for animal welfare with our Pet Hero Junior Ambassador Award.




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