2015 Pet Hero Award Winner - Last Chance Animal Rescue,
St. Francis Farm

Outstanding Sanctuary





















Established by Last Chance Animal Rescue Founder, Whitney Knowlton, in 2013, St. Francis Farm is a companion animal sanctuary situated on 50 acres in Carlisle, SC. This farm is home to approximately 100 dogs and 200 cats on any given day.  Annually, this location serves to harbor thousands of animals as they embark on their journey to find their new forever families.


Additionally, there are many circumstances that may call on them to provide a permanent safe haven when a traditional home isn’t a fit for an animal; whether the reason is medical or behavioral, they believe that every animal has a right to life. St. Francis Farm has a lifelong commitment to those they have rescued.  With the firm conviction that all will thrive in a typical “family style home” no animal is considered a misfit.


In addition to medical care, training and socialization are part of the treatment.  It is also a safe haven for senior animals that have found themselves homeless in their golden years, many are afflicted with health problems that make them harder to place. St. Francis Farm is a comforting “home environment” with wrap around porches and big shady tree’s that welcome these old friends and provide ongoing loving care.


The demand for a facility like St. Francis Farm is ever growing and the possibilities are endless.  They envision a sanctuary for both people and animals to connect with nature.  To achieve expansion and to provide the level of care these animals deserve, they are seeking others who are like minded to assist them with this mission.


The Pet Philanthropy Circle commends the work of Last Chance Animal Rescue through their St. Francis Farm and proudly presents them with the Outstanding Sanctuary Pet Hero Award 2015.






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