2016 Pet Hero Award Winner - Katie Cleary

Animal Welfare Spokesperson of the Year



Katie Cleary is a woman of many talents, be it model, actress, filmmaker, or philanthropist she is a dedicated professional. From her debut on "America`s Next Top Model" she moved on to “How To Get Away With Murder” and “Two And A Half Men.” Much more than a beautiful face, she soon realized she preferred to focus on using the media to benefit animal welfare.


Katie founded the animal welfare organization, Peace 4 Animals in 2012 and was the creator and Executive Producer of the Award-Winning Documentary, Give Me Shelter, which was released on Netflix on May 1, 2015. The film raises awareness for the most important animal welfare issues worldwide and shines a spotlight on those who dedicate their lives to rescuing domestic, wild and exotic animals.


She is a leader in the animal welfare community in Los Angeles and internationally. As if she wasn’t busy enough, Katie is also Founder and Editor-In-Chief of the “World Animal News” network (www.WorldAnimalNews.com) WAN highlights the latest breaking animal welfare issues happening around the globe. Her goal is to create positive change around the world to protect the planet and its precious species, so we can all live in peace together. She hopes to one day open the “Peace 4 Animals” Reserve to Rescue & Rehabilitate Endangered Species in South Africa.






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