2016 Pet Hero Award Winner - Jamie's Rescue

Rescue Organization of the Year




Few people alive would be willing to leave a remarkable career as a photojournalist to open a recue in intercity Miami, but that is exactly what Jamie Robinson did.  After being the first woman photographer for CBS news, serving as the White House photographer during the Jimmy Carter Administration and then back to NYC working with Barbara Walters, Jamie decided to follow her passion to help homeless animals.


 She opened Jamie’s Rescue in 2007 when she moved to Miami to rescue street dogs.  Soon she developed a reputation for taking in hopeless cases.  She focuses on death row dogs taken from the Miami Dade Animal Shelter, pregnant dogs and puppies.  Most of these rescues come from dogs dropped on the side of the road, abandoned houses, or dropped at her front door. News of her success traveled beyond Miami. Dogs as far away as Homestead are being saved due to her dedication.  Working virtually single-handedly, Jamie rescues approximately 350 puppies and 100 adult dogs per year. Many of which are flea infested and suffering from anemia when they arrive. Parvo, ringworm and distemper are not uncommon.  All are accepted and nurtured back to health, spay and/or neutered prior to adoption. Needless to say, the vet bills are astronomical and any help will be appreciated.  You can donate at www.Jamiesrescue.com.






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