2013 Pet Hero Award Winner -   Frenchie

Outstanding Dog


In the breathtaking wine country of Napa Valley California lives a very aristocratic dog who has excellent taste in wine and a concern for pets that may not have the same opportunities he has been afforded.


“Frenchie”, born into wine royalty, shares his life with the owners of Raymond Vineyards. He leads a playful and debonair lifestyle and is assisting his owners with raising awareness about the danger of leaving animals in hot vehicles during the summer months. Every year hundreds of dogs die as temperatures quickly rise in hot cars from 80 to 120 degrees within 15 minutes.  By promoting that dogs are welcome at Frenchie’s Winery (named in his honor) he has the opportunity to educate, giving the public the information they need to prevent this from happening to their canine family members.


  People often want to bring their beloved pets when they travel or visit the vineyards for the day. Because of Frenchie’s campaign, dogs visiting the Frenchie Winery have the luxury of staying in doggie suites, out of the hot sun while their owners enjoy the tour.  Frenchie and his “parents” believe strongly in giving back.  In his name, they donate $1 to the ASPCA for every bottle of wine sold.


The Pet Philanthropy Circle extends our Outstanding Dog Award to Frenchie for caring about his fellow canines as they travel.




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