2013 Pet Hero Award Winner - Christie Brinkley
Actress & Supermodel

Humanitarian of the Year


It is well known that Christie Brinkley is a super model, an outstanding Mom, a gifted photographer and an expressive writer.  What many do not know is that she is a very strong advocate for animals, our environment, and wildlife.


From the early age of 13, Christie knew she felt strongly about this world we live in.  She started with making the choice to be a vegetarian.  She has a protective passion for all animals, all wildlife, and every aspect of our environment. She feels a responsibility to use her voice and her stage to ensure that the public is aware of many unspeakable practices that continue today behind the scenes. From advocating against horse slaughter, bringing light to toxic environmental conditions, and renouncing the abuse of animals used for cosmetic testing, she is a true humanitarian.  Another cause dear to her heart is marine life.  The ocean has a vast array of endangered marine life and her dedication to ensuring this life thrives is admirable.


 Recently, Christie was honored at the South Fork Natural History Museum’s Gala for all the efforts that she has undertaken for such vital platforms.   From designing pet collars for a benefit for North Shore Animal League , seashell theme of course, to adopting a rescue dog for her family, she is determined to  make our world a more compassionate, cleaner, and healthy place for the next generation.


Pet Philanthropy Circle recognizes the valued and commendable efforts of Christie Brinkley with our
Humanitarian of the Award 2013.




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