2015 Pet Hero Award Winner -Brock

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This Year’s Outstanding Pet Award honors Brock, a Doberman Pinscher.


This year’s Amazing Pet Hero Award winner, Brock, has a legacy that shadows the contributions of most human animal advocates.  Undaunted by the reputation of the breed stereotype, Debi Boies,   upon learning of Brock’s mistreatment, knew she had to rescue him.  Most of us have no idea of what a “bait dog” is or the pain it endures.  Scars on his face proved he had been slashed so the blood would encourage other fighting dogs to attack him. The points of his teeth had been filed off so that when other dogs were being trained to battle, he could not defend himself.


ln 2007, Brock’s destiny was about to change.  When Debi learned about his case, she knew she had to save him.  There was one major concern, how to transport him from Florida to South Carolina where she resided on a beautiful multi-acre estate.  When a private pilot offered to transport Brock revealing that pilots often looked for “excuses to fly”, Debi realized how to keep those pilots and her own self busy.


Brock’s adoption by Pilots N Paws Founding President, Debi Boies, was the genesis for an organization that has saved more than 75,000 lives with rescue flights.  On the same day that the Pilots N Paws fan-page hit a milestone of 200,000 fans, Brock passed away.  He will be remembered by all of us who had the privilege of knowing him as a gentle, loyal, fun-spirited companion that inspired thousands of pilots to help save other animals. Brock serves as an example of recovery from animal abuse and a reminder that we, as humans, must never give up the fight to prevent animal cruelty.






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