2013 Pet Hero Award Winner - Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons

Shelter of the Year


The Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons is guided by three core values:  Compassion, integrity and dedication.  Founded in 1974, they continue to validate our companion animals through their numerous programs designed to enrich lives and to educate.


We often hear the word “shelter”.  ARF has given new life to the meaning of that word by instituting very positive plans.  They are a no-kill adoption center, adopting out approximately 1,000 animals per year.  They have created an extensive intake facility that not only provides food and a warm cozy bed, but state of the art veterinary care.  Where ARF is concerned, there is never an animal that is not worthy. They will care for animals with special needs, choosing not to euthanize them but extend the opportunity, for as long as necessary, to help them heal.  Eventually, the goal is to find these pets the perfect adoptive home, no matter how long that might take.


There are times people find themselves in a position where they temporarily need help with their pets. Through the unique vision of ARF’s directors, the People United with Pups, aka “PUP” program was started.  “PUP” supports the precious bond between people and their pets during a crisis, a time when a cat or dog is often the only comfort left. Arranging for their care can be overwhelming. Knowing your pets are safe until you can be reunited with them provides a sense of peace and relief.


Whether it’s the care and adoption of animals, providing temporary assistance for owners, putting a smile on the faces of the elderly with a pet therapy program, partnering with other rescue organizations, Operation Cat (trap, neuter, return) program, or leading the way with education, ARF is a premier facility enhancing the lives of animals and humans.


It is through these leading-edge programs that the Pet Philanthropy Circle has chosen Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons as the Pet Hero Award’s Outstanding Shelter for 2013.




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