2015 Pet Hero Award Winner - Animal Cancer Foundation

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Animal Cancer Foundation is the leading philanthropic organization committed to funding and accelerating comparative oncology research to find a cure for the millions of pets and people affected by cancer.


Since 1999, ACF has helped to focus the cancer research and philanthropic communities on the incidence of naturally occurring pet cancers, noting that one in four dogs, one in five cats and one in three people will contract cancer in their lifetimes.   ACF has drawn attention to the fact that the similarity of pet cancers, such as lymphoma, osteosarcoma, melanoma, sarcomas, bladder cancers and mammary cancers, to these same cancers in people provides a unique opportunity for comparative oncology research teams to collaborate to understand the progression of cancer, refine and improve existing therapies, and accelerate development of new therapies to save lives.


The organization was founded by Gerald Post, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology), MEM, a veterinary oncologist with private practices in Norwalk, Connecticut and on Long Island, who continues to serve on the board of directors.  Under the leadership of Executive Director, Barbara Cohen, the organization instituted annual Comparative Oncology Grant Awards to teams of veterinary and human oncology researchers collaborating across disciplines to conduct studies and clinical trials.  The two most recent Comparative Oncology Award recipients include the Medical Center’s Molecular Oncology Research Institute and Purdue University’s Veterinary Clinical Sciences program.


The Pet Philanthropy Circle commends the progress that the American Cancer Foundation has achieved and shares the hope that one day, both people and animals will benefit from their commitment to eradicate cancer.






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