2016 Pet Hero Award Winner - Amazing Grace

Outstanding Pet



In July 2006, seven dogs were loaded into a gas chamber at Liberty Animal Control in Hinesville, GA.  Five were puppies and two were larger breeds.  None had names.  When the control officer returned to empty the chamber thirty-two minutes later she was shocked at what she saw.  A beagle-mix dog was still alive and gasping for air. Horrified, the control officer transported her to a local veterinarian office. Her story became national news when CNN picked up the story.


Phil Draughon, a gentleman from Illinois, was smitten by the story.  Heartbroken that the beleaguered beagle had already been spoken for, he still committed to paying for her recovery.  Destiny was not to be denied, Phil was able to adopt her after all.   He named her Gracie.


Gracie became the inspiration of a campaign headed by Phil, Animal Aid USA and The MOMS Rescue.  In honor of Gracie, “The Amazing Grace Caravan” traveled over 2,500 miles from NJ to Georgia to save over 400 dogs in one weekend. This epic movement spread awareness of saving shelter pets and banning gas chambers.


Georgia passed “Gracie’s Law” on December 31, 2010. Over 25,000 signatures asking support were collected from across the United States. Gracie’s Law inspired other states to ban the use of the gas chambers.  The fight continues, there are still states that are using gas chambers.  You can join the cause and help Gracie eliminate this cruel, unnecessary inhumane way of eliminating dogs.






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